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Thermal Remediation Heat Treatments for Bedbugs

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Why Choose Clark Pest Remedy?

  • We have been in business for 25 years serving the Macon area for Bed Bug Removal Services
  • We have been completing Thermal Remediation Treatments for Bed Bugs for over 11 years and have done thousands of these treatments with great success!
  • We have crews that are dedicated to doing these treatments every day!
  • We take care to do the proper treatment without harming any items in the residence
  • Bed bug heat treatments are the most effective choice for getting rid of bed bugs in homes and businesses

Learn Eco – Friendly Procedure to eliminate BedBugs in Macon, Georgia

The best method of bed bug removal is a heat treatment. When using a heat treatment, we will seal the home and use our patented heaters to raise the internal temperature to about 150 degrees. This is hot enough to destroy all pests and their eggs, but not enough to destroy your property or electronics. When heat is applied this way, it penetrates walls and crevices we are unable to reach with traditional pesticides. Heat treatment is 100% non-toxic and will not require you to throw out your mattress or furniture.

Clark Pest Remedy is an eco-friendly pest control company fully licensed by the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture. To protect the environment our exterminators engage in only the latest methods of bed bug extermination available and does not use unnecessary pesticides. All our exterminators & bed bug experts receive continual training in bed bug treatments to ensure they leave a minimum impact on our environment

Thermal Remediation Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs

Our Electric Heat Systems Trucks and Trailers have built-in generators to provide the power for the heaters. The heaters are [placed inside strategically and it usually takes about an hour to heat the area to above 120 degrees. During this time we set up beds, couches, etc and we also do some containment spraying of host areas and outlet plates. We finish up heating at 130-135 degrees and hold the heat for 3-4 hours or more with fans spreading the heat around evenly.

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